Inspired by nature

meadows_hole-mcl-webInspired by the beautiful scenery and changing seasons of Minnesota, Mystic Lake Center combines the elements of nature with modern, functional design and state-of-the-art technology, innovation and quality. More than a meeting space, Mystic Lake Center builds a true connection between work, social and nature.

With distinguishing features and exceptional design, Mystic Lake Center showcases:

  • Dynamic SageGlass – 11,000 sq. ft. of glasswork provides natural light and electrochromic technology that reacts to sunlight, preventing glare and heat gain
  • Custom Chandeliers – An intricate design displaying the water drops of a lake
  • Wood Portals – Representing the curve of a cattail, oversized wood portals lead into versatile ballrooms and welcome guests
  • Illuminated Art – Wall décor and lighting changes with the colors of the seasons
  • Modern Finishes – Textured patterned carpet in blue and gray tones depict the movement of a flowing river